Cozy Home near train station, 33000 Bordeaux

Before renovation - House facade
Before renovation - dining room
Before renovation - ground floor room
Before renovation - stairs to 1st floor
Before renovation - first floor room 1
Before renovation - first floor room 2
Before renovation - first floor office
Before renovation - stairs to 2nd floor


Total Budget : 527 000 €

Rental yield : 10%


Show up and start living from day one in Bordeaux with this stylish Bôroom home. You’ll love coming home to this thoughtfully furnished, beautifully designed, and fully-equipped Bordeaux home very well located near Gare Saint-Jean. Thoughtfully designed with bespoke finishes, modern furnishings, and a fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll enjoy that “I’m home” feeling with this Bôroom apartment. Whether you’re working comfortably on the workspace desk or getting some well-earned rest on the superior quality mattress with comfortable linens, you’ll fall in love with everything each of its 8 studios has to offer.